The Code television series

The Code is Australian thriller-drama tv series which has been premiered in 2014 and is dedicated to the history of two brothers. Young people are completely different: starting from the character and ending with the chosen profession. One journalist and one brother is a hacker. Despite their differences, they are very friendly and ready for each other to do almost everything. Their way of life is no different from other people in the world as they work, rest and travel. But one day everything changes dramatically, the reason for it became very important information which appeared to be available for them, because of which the main characters may be even killed. Now they face a very difficult task: to overcome all the obstacles encountered on the way and of course to remain absolutely safe in this situation. But all is not as easy as the heroes of the series would like.

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TV series Deadline Gallipoli

Deadline Gallipoli is an Australian TV series which will take you in the time of the First World War. 1915, the height of the war in Gallipoli, there came together the Anglo-French and Turkish troops in the unequal struggle. Owing to the lack of awareness, the British leadership sends three correspondents to the battlefield, so that they could show in detail the situation of the military campaign. So, in the center of military events there are three friends, Ellis Ashmed Bartlett, Charles Bean and Philip Schuler. All of them have dedicated their lives to one interesting business, namely journalism, but no one could imagine that soon they will change the future course of historical events.

Anzac Girls TV series download

Anzac Girls is a historical mini-film adaptation based on real facts. The project tells about the fate of the five female nurses. They entered the Australian-New Zealand Army Corps which is called ANZAC and went to the fronts of world battles of 1914-1918. After spending a month and a half in the exhausting way, sisters, however, on arrival start to help the wounded and soon become familiar with all the rigidity of the war. Location of the series is Egypt, particularly the Gallipoli Peninsula. In the historical chronicles the campaign is called the Dardanelles.

Mako Mermaids tv series download

Mako Mermaids tells about the amazing world with many secrets which are known to only few people. It so happens that we become part of these puzzles by chance without realizing it. The same has happened with the main character of the series. One day, a very ordinary guy went on a mysterious island so that to have a picnic there. The circumstances are so that he becomes a participant of rather strange events. On this mysterious island there are living mermaids. The island was their holy abode and they are trying to protect it no matter what. But after Zak plunged into the moonlit water in one of the ponds, he resigned himself to turning into one of them. The fin, which appeared next morning, scared the guy. His appearance and magical powers, which he will acquire in the future, are contrary for a common person. So it is necessary to look for ways to solve the problem. Watching of the series will bring you a lot of fun, because in some situations it is very difficult to predict future developments.

Young Dad

“Young Dad” will be shown in Venice world premiere of the TV series Paolo Sorrentino’s “Young Dad” will be held on the 73 th Venice International Film Festival. Jude Law will appear in a provocative way of the first American pontiff Lenny Belardo.Young Dad

The protagonist Pius XIII – fictional figure and best collective. Sorrentino draws a portrait of a man, woven of contradictions: an astute and naive, old-fashioned and very modern, resolute and doubting, ironic, meticulous, vulnerable and ruthless, subtle politician, forcing the Vatican to dance to their tune, and a heavy smoker. Sao head of the Roman Catholic Church becomes a test for him and carries an endless war against political opponents and yourself.

For non-competition screenings in Venice Festival Directorate will be limited to the first two episodes vosmiseriynogo project. The premiere will take place on 3 September.

The director responded promptly to the press release of the festival management in the face of Alberto Barbera: “I am honored to return to Venice. I was here with his first film, and is now back with his first television series. I do not believe in coincidences, and prefer to think that the management just made a choice. The same thing happened fifteen years ago itself, when they chose the first film by a young director; this year they proved that relate to television without any prejudice, seeing the role played by series in the evolution of visual communication. ”

This is not the first time that the Venice Film Festival becomes a launching pad for serial projects. It had its world premiere mnogoseriek such as “Mildred Pierce” and “What does Olivia.”

“Young Dad” hit the air in October this year. The exact date will be announced later. Venice International Film Festival this year will be held from 31 August to 10 September. The jury of the main competition was headed by director Sam Mendes.

The Reckoning TV series

The Reckoning is a TV series in which the main character is a young woman named Sally Wilson who lives in London. Once, there starts not that positive period in her life.

The ReckoningNot long ago, Sally finds out that her only daughter, whom she has brought up all this time alone, is seriously ill and she needs urgent expensive surgery. The heroine is on the verge of despair, because she has not so much money. While being in such a difficult situation, she cannot figure out what to do. Suddenly, the phone rings and the person on the other side of the phone who has introduced himself as a lawyer, asks Sally to come to his office in order to take part in the announcement of the probate procedure in which she is directly indicated. Imagine her surprise when it turns out that she has inherited five million pounds. It would seem that now all her problems are behind.

However, it was not to be and to get this money Sally needs to fulfill one condition, namely to kill a man who allegedly deserves death. The poor woman is facing a very difficult choice to make which it will be very difficult.

Human Giant Show review

Human Giant

Human Giant

Human Giant is a prodigious American show, each episode of which consists of a series of sketches, flavored with sparkling humor and gags.

The plot revolves around three young men. They are a well-known stand-up comedian Aziz Anzari, as well as two of his close friends – Rob Hubel and Paul Scheer. Guys are constantly having fun, making everybody else subject to practical jokes and mockery, because their main goal is to make fun. The victims of the main characters are often ordinary people. However, sometimes they may become a number of very well-known personalities, among which you can see famous musicians, actors and sometimes even politicians. There are no restrictions to these guys and, more than that, they like to raise all sorts of taboos.

Every day, friends start with going to the search of a new target on which will be enough to mock. The audience just needs to sit comfortably and enjoy how masterly Aziz and his team draw passersby into various funny hilarious situations.

Moonlight TV series

Moonlight is a TV series the plot of which revolves around a private detective named Mick St. John.


At first glance, the man is no different from others, but in fact he is a real vampire, who is almost hundred years old. Back in 1952, when Mick was only thirty years old, he has met a wonderful girl Caroline with whom he decided to link his fate by getting married. Then, he did not even know that his lover is three hundred years vampire who decides to turn him too. Following these events, they broke up, but in 1985, Caroline reminded of herself. She has stolen a little girl Beth, and it has happened that the poor mother hires Mike to search for the daughter.

Hero finds the trail of his ex-wife very fast and after finding Beth and Caroline, he had to come to grips with her as a result of which she dies. Since then there has passed a long time, the main character continues to work as a detective and all these years looks after the rescued Beth, protecting her from the supernatural dangers. Mick is not in awe of who he is. For food the vampire uses only donated blood and wants to find a way to become a mortal. Once, there appears hope that it is still possible.