Human Giant Show review

Human Giant

Human Giant

Human Giant is a prodigious American show, each episode of which consists of a series of sketches, flavored with sparkling humor and gags.

The plot revolves around three young men. They are a well-known stand-up comedian Aziz Anzari, as well as two of his close friends – Rob Hubel and Paul Scheer. Guys are constantly having fun, making everybody else subject to practical jokes and mockery, because their main goal is to make fun. The victims of the main characters are often ordinary people. However, sometimes they may become a number of very well-known personalities, among which you can see famous musicians, actors and sometimes even politicians. There are no restrictions to these guys and, more than that, they like to raise all sorts of taboos.

Every day, friends start with going to the search of a new target on which will be enough to mock. The audience just needs to sit comfortably and enjoy how masterly Aziz and his team draw passersby into various funny hilarious situations.

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