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Penelope Cruz will transform into Donatella Versace

The third season of the anthology from Ryan Murphy’s “American crime story” will focus on the murder of fashion designer Gianni Versace.

Donatella Versace is one of the key characters of the series, so this role is claimed by several prominent Actresses. In November of 2016, we heard rumors that the sister of the designer will play Lady Gaga — with her, Murphy has collaborated, shooting the singer in the TV series “American horror story”.

The series will consider the assassination of the head of the Empire, Versace, designer Gianni Versace (this role was Edgar Ramirez), who was killed on the steps of his home in Miami beach in July 1997. The killer, a sociopath Andrew Cunanan, will play Darren criss, who starred in the TV series “the Losers” and “Supergirl”.

“American crime story” about the family of Versace will last for 10 episodes. The first series will remove itself Murphy. Work on the project will begin in April in Miami. The premiere is expected in 2018 after the second season, which will be devoted to hurricane Katrina. It will involve Annette Benning and Matthew Broderick.

For Penelope Cruz “Versace” will debut on TV. Last year, the actress took part in the mystery “Murder on the Orient Express” and the crime drama “Escobar”.

Interestingly, Ramirez and Cruz is now removed in the new film by Todd Solenza “Illegitimate child”, where they play lovers. If you are interested in drama series for your personal collection, I advise you download suits season 3 because I think this is one of the most interesting seasons in this series.

Chris Evans will play the agent of Israeli intelligence

From Captain America to agent of “Mossad” — Chris Evans is not afraid of diversity in his career.
Chris Evans
Drama “Red Sea Diving Resort” (can be translated as “a Resort for divers in the Red sea”), formerly called “the Operation “Resort””. The film will be shot Gideon raff, who worked on the series “Prisoner of war”, which was delivered to the American remake of “homeland.”

The film will tell about real events. In 1977, the Mossad was given the task by the Prime Minister of Israel Menachem begin to rescue thousands of Ethiopian Jews from Sudan and transported them to Israel. Mossad operation designed staging database in the resort place of the Sudan, and in the early 1980s began transferring refugees by air.

Chris Evans will play Ari Kidron, charismatic Israeli agent who assembles a motley team to help the refugees.

The project assigned Haley Bennett, best known for the film “Hardcore”, “the Great equalizer” and “the Magnificent seven”.

Now Chris Evans filming “the Avengers: infinity War. Part 1”, and in June of this year, you can see it in the drama of Marc Webb’s “the Gifted”. Rumored Evans will graduate soon to star in the role of Captain America, but they are not yet confirmed.

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Heinz ketchup used is from the TV series “Mad men”

The idea of don Draper, featured in the series “Mad men” were embodied in reality.
Mad men tv series
Life, as is often the case, imitates art. This week, the Heinz company published advertising posters based on pitching don Draper, the hero of “Mad men”. The advertising appeared in a press release, which says: “the Campaign “Pass the Heinz”, created by Don Draper, has come to implementation of 50 years. But now she is just fresh as on the day of his presentation.”

Pitching Draper was quite simple. Food photos on a white background: cheeseburger, fries and steak. Above them was adorned with the inscription “Pass the Heinz” (Pass the Heinz).

Here is a video in which the officer of advertising Agency Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce don Draper (Jon Hamm) pickingout campaign for ketchup.

Agency David in Miami, which works with Heinz, joking that they recently met with Don Draper (the idea of this character is 91 years old now), and he explained the mechanics of creating an original campaign. That’s just the food had to shoot again.

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