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Moonlight TV series

Moonlight is a TV series the plot of which revolves around a private detective named Mick St. John.


At first glance, the man is no different from others, but in fact he is a real vampire, who is almost hundred years old. Back in 1952, when Mick was only thirty years old, he has met a wonderful girl Caroline with whom he decided to link his fate by getting married. Then, he did not even know that his lover is three hundred years vampire who decides to turn him too. Following these events, they broke up, but in 1985, Caroline reminded of herself. She has stolen a little girl Beth, and it has happened that the poor mother hires Mike to search for the daughter.

Hero finds the trail of his ex-wife very fast and after finding Beth and Caroline, he had to come to grips with her as a result of which she dies. Since then there has passed a long time, the main character continues to work as a detective and all these years looks after the rescued Beth, protecting her from the supernatural dangers. Mick is not in awe of who he is. For food the vampire uses only donated blood and wants to find a way to become a mortal. Once, there appears hope that it is still possible.