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Best Sites to Download tv series from

If you enjoy watching tv series and don’t want to miss any episode of your favorite show, Check out tv series download¬†blog¬†with lots of direct download links. Below we have the list of some popular series you can watch:

TV series Deadline Gallipoli

Deadline Gallipoli is an Australian TV series which will take you in the time of the First World War. 1915, the height of the war in Gallipoli, there came together the Anglo-French and Turkish troops in the unequal struggle. Owing to the lack of awareness, the British leadership sends three correspondents to the battlefield, so that they could show in detail the situation of the military campaign. So, in the center of military events there are three friends, Ellis Ashmed Bartlett, Charles Bean and Philip Schuler. All of them have dedicated their lives to one interesting business, namely journalism, but no one could imagine that soon they will change the future course of historical events.

Anzac Girls TV series download

Anzac Girls is a historical mini-film adaptation based on real facts. The project tells about the fate of the five female nurses. They entered the Australian-New Zealand Army Corps which is called ANZAC and went to the fronts of world battles of 1914-1918. After spending a month and a half in the exhausting way, sisters, however, on arrival start to help the wounded and soon become familiar with all the rigidity of the war. Location of the series is Egypt, particularly the Gallipoli Peninsula. In the historical chronicles the campaign is called the Dardanelles.

Mako Mermaids tv series download

Mako Mermaids tells about the amazing world with many secrets which are known to only few people. It so happens that we become part of these puzzles by chance without realizing it. The same has happened with the main character of the series. One day, a very ordinary guy went on a mysterious island so that to have a picnic there. The circumstances are so that he becomes a participant of rather strange events. On this mysterious island there are living mermaids. The island was their holy abode and they are trying to protect it no matter what. But after Zak plunged into the moonlit water in one of the ponds, he resigned himself to turning into one of them. The fin, which appeared next morning, scared the guy. His appearance and magical powers, which he will acquire in the future, are contrary for a common person. So it is necessary to look for ways to solve the problem. Watching of the series will bring you a lot of fun, because in some situations it is very difficult to predict future developments.